Asiasanat: ompelu lanka kela, lankarulla, Teollinen Ompelu Lanka, Halpa ompelu lanka kela, Korkea Laatu lanka kela, Kiinan teollisuuden ompelulanka Toimittajat.

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  • Materiaali: 100% Polyesteri
  • Koko: 40s/2 3000Y multicolor
  • Ominaisuus: Alhainen Kutistuminen
  • Kuvio: Värjätty
  • Malli Numero: S-11
  • on muokata: Kyllä

  • Paketin Koko: 10cm x 6cm x 2cm (3.94in x 2.36in x 0.79in)
  • Yksikkö Tyyppi: pala
  • Pakkauksen Paino: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)

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Korkea laatu kehrätty polyesteri ompelulanka

3000Y, G W:105g.

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item as described!
Very fast delivery to US, arriving in 11 days! I test sew straight lines and curves and the thread is great. The variagation changes at approximately 4", so it doesn't change fast, like in an inch. However, I love this thread and you can't beat the value. I will be purchasing more. This spool was my least favorite and was I surprised. This spool doesn't look like it, but it's blue, green, yellow (with a grenish hue), red, and pink. I thought I'd uplaod a picture of this one as it's prettier than the picture.
Non Existiens
So lovely yarn and so quickly arrived. Only 17 days! I will buy all mixed colors soon :)

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